About Crossing Places

A space to meet, where paths join.
A moment to interact with others and move forward together.
A place where encounters with God can happen.

We are a group of friends who’ve come to love God and share a love and commitment to Glendale - its people and place.  Crossing Places seeks to sow seeds of hope and encourage friendships and community across the generations and between people of all kinds.

As individuals and as a group we have a desire to serve and help people discover how life and faith can be meaningful.  As folk who have come to an experience of faith from different walks of life, many of us not from religious backgrounds, we have a desire to share and encourage others to experience the God whom we’ve come to know.

Crossing Places is a safe and welcoming place for people of all faiths and none, for those who want to think about life and how we can live well in a changing world.

Many of us are believers who want a way of life that is non-judgmental, building on those things that Jesus demonstrated: love, compassion, hospitality, grace, friendship, forgiveness, mercy, welcoming, healing, kindness, gentleness and generosity.

You will be welcome among us

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